Modelangelo is a modeling and analysis tool for knowledge business intensive processes based on the description language KMDLŽ. It provides functionality for analysing knowledge intensive business processes.
The processes can be organized in projects. The processes are organized in a tree structure in the navigator. This is similar to the file system of conventional operating systems. A simple to use model editor, wizards and dialogues make the modelling an easy task by minimizing the effort during the modelling and avoiding modelling errors.
A syntax checker allows to model merely formal correct models. Offences are directly brought up to the user. The analysis of the processes can be done by process patterns. For further process analysis reports can be created. An export of the process models in XML allows the exchange of the models and the re-use without using Modelangelo.
Modelangelo was developed as Eclipse plugin.


Currently Modelangelo includes the following functions:

Marcus Grum

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