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Fohrholz, Dipl.-Kffr. Corinna

Corinna Fohrholz
+49 (0)331/977-3380
Consultation Hour:
on appointment

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conference proceedings

Fohrholz, C.; Lambeck, C.: Usability of enterprise systems - state of the art and perspectives. Proccedings of Mensch und Computer 2013.

Fohrholz, C.: Usability of Enterprise Systems - Lack of Controllability mostly threat Learnability. PRE-ICIS Workshop on Enterprise Systems Research in MIS, Orlando (FL), 15.12.2012.

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.: The manufacturing adaptability scorecard - a tool to analyze the benefit of autonomous production processes. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual production (CARV 2011). Montreal, Canada. October 2011. Springer Verlag, München, 2012.

Fohrholz, C.: An Approach for measuring the usability of enterprise systems. PRE-ICIS Workshop on Enterprise Systems Research in MIS, Saint Louis (MO), 11.12.2010.


Gronau N.; Fohrholz, C.: Trends in enterprise systems 2013 - new markets through new technologies. Gito Verlag 2012

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.: Increased Productivity through modern enterprise systems. Gito Verlag 2012

Gronau N,; Fohrholz, C.: Economic processes through mobile enterprise systems. Gito Verlag 2011

Gronau, N.; Eggert, S., Fohrholz, C.: Software as a Service, Cloud Computing and mobile technologies. Gito Verlag 2010

journals and magazines

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.: Adaption of complex information systems to demografic changes. In: Industrie Management, 3, 2013, Gito Verlag (Berlin), S. 15-19.

Fohrholz, C.: Social media activities in enterprise systems ditribution - first activities. In: ERP-Markt.info, 2, 2012, Gito Verlag (Berlin), S. 20-22.

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.; Plygun, A.: Mobile processes with enterprise systems. In: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Heft 286, dpunkt.Verlag 2012, S. 23-31.

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.: Trends in enterprise systems 2012 - investments in new technologies. In: ERP-Markt.info, 1, 2012, Gito Verlag (Berlin), S. 4-6.

Gronau, N.; Fohrholz, C.; Wollenberg, S.: Determination of enterprise systems value. In: Controlling - Zeitschrift für ergebnisorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, Ausgabe 6-2011, Verlag C.H. Beck, S. 278-283.

Gronau, N.; Lass, S.; Fohrholz, C.: Hybrid simulation - a new approach for production management. In: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb, Jahrgang 106, Ausgabe 4, Hanser Verlag, S. 204-208, 2011.

Fohrholz, C.: Usability in the enterprise systems selection process. In: ERP Management (Ausgabe 4/2009)

Eggert, S.; Fohrholz, C.: Market survey - E-Business with enterprise systems. In: ERP Management (Ausgabe 3/2009)

Eggert, S.; Fohrholz, C.: Market survey - international enterprise systems. In: ERP Management (Ausgabe 1/2009)

Eggert, S.; Fohrholz, C.: Market survey - modern enterprise systems. In: ERP Management (Ausgabe 3/2008)

Eggert, S.; Fohrholz, C.: Market survey - business perfomance management. In: ERP Management (Ausgabe 2/2008)

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