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The proportion of value added of knowledge in companies has increased since the last years and in this context the meaning of knowledge flows within business processes has become more important. Numerous developed approaches aim at modeling knowledge intensive business processes in order to enable the analysis, evaluation and deduction of potentials for optimization of knowledge flows within these processes. This book presents the Knowledge Modeling and Description Language (KMDL®) as a modeling approach from a scientific-theoretical point of view as well as its practical applicability. Practitioners get a deeper comprehension of knowledge intensive business processes and a practical application orientation for the use of KMDL® within the company. Scientists and students get a summary about actual research efforts on knowledge intensive business processes, associated methods and cases of application.
Gronau, N. (Ed.): Modeling and Analyzing knowledge intensive business processes with KMDL - Comprehensive insights into theory and practice. GITO Press (Berlin), 2012.

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