Modelangelo is a modelling and analysis tool for knowledge business intensive processes based on the description language KMDL®. It provides functionality for analysing knowledge intensive business processes. (more...)

Adaptability Analyzer
The chair of Business Information Systems and Electronic Government has developed a model for the assessment of adaptability in enterprise systems.
For that different criteria were identified, which enable adaptability.

ERP RoI-Analyzer
The Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam developed a ROI-Analyzer, a tool to valuate the investigations in ERP Systems. The main focus lies on the possibilty to calculate in a fast and easy way the Return on Investment (RoI) before the system installation. (more information in german...)

MES RoI-Analyzer
As a tool for benefit quantification and advantage evaluation of MES-Investigations a RoI-Analyzer for Manufacturing Execution Systems was developed by the Center for Enterprise Research (CER) in co-operation with the MPDV Mikrolab GmbH. (more information in german...)

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Open Darkness Tool
The software tool called "OpenDarknessTool" (ODT) was developed in the research fractal for knowledge intensive business processes as BMBF research project called „OpenDarkness“. The OpenDarknessTool aims to guide the evaluation of risks and chances of an information and knowledge exchange in open innovation projects such that a controlled and efficient project realization can be achieved. (mehr...)

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