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Changelog KFD

PROTACTIVE – A systematic approach to prevent counterfeits by organizational, technological and knowledge management measures

This joined research project aims at the prevention, or at least significant delay and increase of efforts required to copy industrial products. With increasing globalization reacting to counterfeits by law has become difficult. Further, laws only apply after copies are in the market. Consequently this project addresses proactive means for protection. In a thorough analysis weaknesses as well as measures for improvements are developed in the areas of Product and production technology, Organization and business processes, Knowledge flows within and across organizations. The Research group for Knowledge Management at University of Potsdam focuses on the identification and evaluation of knowledge flows and the prevention or at least redesign in order to reduce counterfeits. Further a risk assessment of existing knowledge flows leads to a system, which allows controlled development, redesign and cutting of knowledge flows based on economic value. Ultimately, this module is part of the systematic approach to prevent counterfeits.

Further information (in German only) on this project is available at:

This research project is funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), number 02PU115.


Bahrs, Julian
Research Assistant

Vladova, Gergana
Research Assistant


Produktpiraterie – Prävention statt Reaktion
Bahrs, J.; Vladova, G.: Produktpiraterie – Prävention satt Reaktion.

Systematische Risikoanalyse zur Verhinderung ungewollten Know-How Abflusses
Gronau, G.; Bahrs, J.: Systematische Risikoanalyse zur Verhinderung ungewollten Know-How Abflusses. In: Markus Bentele, Norbert Gronau, Peter Schütt, Mathias Weber (Hrsg.): Mit Wissensmanagement Innovationen vorantreiben! - Kongressband zur KnowTech 2010 12. Kongress zum IT-gestützten Wissensmaangement in Unternehmen und Organisationen Bad Homburg, 15.-16. September 2010. Bitkom, 2010.

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Changelog KFD

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